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Welcome! Kubitron is a first-person action-adventure game taking place on a space station, orbiting an alien planet. The station has been invaded by a mysterious robotic life form, and your mission is to take back control of it. Along your way, you will find power-ups and upgrades that allows you to reach new parts of the vast and maze-like station, while trying to solve the mystery of the kubitrons...


  • Explore one huge, seamless game world in full 3D
  • Great action - without any blood, so suitable also for younger players
  • Upgrades, new weapons and secrets (a lot of them!)
  • Open for modification: you can create your own worlds, change all the textures, music and sound effects, effectively creating an entirely different game. See the included manual for details, but it's all very easy.
  • Perfectly suited for speedruns! Your exact time will be shown in the end, and hit T while playing to display a timer.


  • Microsoft Windows. Kubitron has been developed and tested under Windows 10 64 bit. Other versions of Windows are untested.
  • 8 GB of RAM. Less may work, but untested.
  • A graphics card with support for OpenGL (most do). Your card should at least have a score of 1000 on www.videocardbenchmark.net (verified playable with 30-45 fps on Intel HD 4000 with a score of only 456). If you have anything from 2013 or newer, you are probably just fine.


Just extract the zip file in a directory of your choice. Run the game by double-clicking on kubitron.exe.


The input can be configured, see the manual for details.


W, A, S, D


Left mouse

Change weapon

1 – 5


Right click/left shift



Toggle walk/run

Caps lock



Toggle crosshair


Toggle fps counter


Toggle timer


Take Screenshot

Print screen

Option to quit


Copyright (c) 2019 Majano Development.

This is the work of one person. The game and engine has been developed in Java. Total development time is maybe around 1000 hours during almost two years. It's also my first game, so please be nice :-) Because this is a solo project, the level of support may be a bit limited. If you're having trouble, please have a look at the troubleshooting thread below.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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